Stained Series

This Series offers unique, top-notch buildings, with virtually no maintenance. Each building is constructed using high quality materials and is then sided with Certainteed 3/8" LP Smart Panel. Along with the standard features of this line noted below, please take note of the superior quality features of these buildings.  Boasting six main designs, each can be somewhat customized in style and features to suit your desires - just check out our numerous options available.

stained portable quality storage shed stained storage shed portable quality

Brooklyn Pricing

Orchard House Pricing

Chestnut Brown Stain / Antique Slate Shingle Roof

Rustic Cedar Stain/White Steel Roof

Options Pictured: 2-Windows, 2-pr of shutters, 2 -2' Dormers, 1 steel insulated service door,  Shutters, Vinyl Gable Vents

No Options Pictured
stained portable storage shed stained storage shed

Kingston Pricing

Covington Pricing

Rustic Cedar Stain / Burgundy Roof

Rustic Cedar Stain / Crimson Red Steel Roof

No Options Pictured

No Options Pictured

stained storgae shed portable

stained storgae shed portable

Berkley Pricing

Beechwood Pricing

Driftwood Stain  / Red Steel Roof

Rustic Cedar Stain / Bright White Steel Roof

No Options Pictured

No Options Pictured


 Stained Series Features

- 4 X 4Treated Runners
- Treated 2 x 4 Floor Joists 16" On Center
- 3/4 " CDX Plywood Floor
- 2 x 4 Wall Studs, 16" On Center
- 3/8" LP Smart Panel 50/0 Yr. Wood T1-11 Siding
- 2 x 4 Truss's 48" O.C.
- 2 x 4 Roof Purlins 24" O.C.
- 1/8 Foil Faced Vapor Barrier
- 40 Year G-Rib Metal Roof
- 4" Eave Overhang
- 1 x 3 Cedar Trim - Oil Based Primed
 - 1 Pair of Gable Vents  
- Doubled Wood Doors
- 1/8" Inset Steel Door Threshold
- 1/8" Adjustable Steel Door Stabilizer
 -  Bolt Through Hardware System  
- Stained (1 Tone)
- Leveled Free Up To 6"  Max Bldg Size 200 SQ FT
- Free Delivery within 30 Miles of sales lot

Additional Options

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