Whether you’re looking to create a garden tools oasis, a workshop, or simply a more functional storage space, an outdoor storage shed may be the perfect space-saving solution for you and your home. However, with so many possibilities out there, the options can be overwhelming. What materials do you want, what shape, what size?

To help you walk through all the storage shed possibilities, we’ve compiled a list of ten features to consider as you invest in a brand-new space. 

  1. Shed Size

Figuring out the amount of space you’ll need is a crucial first step. No one wants to get all the way through the purchase process only to realize their snow blower isn’t going to fit. 

First, we recommend tallying up all the equipment going into your shed. Then, remember to think about how much space YOU need. Consider how easily you’ll be able to maneuver equipment in and out, or measure how much space you’ll need to lay out your projects. 

Whatever amount of space you decide, there’s an outdoor storage shed out there for you. At Michigan Dutch Barns, we build and deliver everything from 8×8 sheds to 16×44. Just keep in mind that larger sheds may require extra fees and permits in your region. 

  1. Shape and Style

Up next is one of the fun features to consider: style. Some sizes only come in specific styles, so this will narrow down a few of your options. Otherwise, it’s up to you to decide what shape of shed is going to work (and look) the best. 

Some people will match the style of their shed to the style of their house for a cohesive exterior. Others will focus on their entrance and exit needs, especially if having a garage-style door or multiple doors is essential for their shed’s functionality. 

It can be helpful to see a range of examples to get an idea of what styles are possible. We have eight different styles you can look through as you consider your ideal storage shed. 

  1. Foundation

Before we continue through the list, it’s important to consider the foundation of your outdoor storage shed. While you can put a shed anywhere that’s level, we recommend putting it on a crushed concrete pad for the longevity of your investment. 

Plus, a foundation doesn’t need to be as big of a hassle as you might think. At Michigan Dutch Barns, we can do this step for you! 

  1. Roofing Material

A well-designed roof is essential for preventing water damage and extending an outdoor storage shed’s longevity against the elements. 

Two common options are shingled roofs and metal roofs. Shingles are a durable and aesthetically pleasing option for many storage sheds. But it’s important to remember they require some extra maintenance in harsh climates. Metal roofs are one of the most durable options for sheds and can be a good option for concerns like heavy snowfall. 

  1. Siding Material

Siding material considerations go hand-in-hand with roofing considerations. Wood and vinyl siding are both durable options. For achieving a specific aesthetic, painted or stained wood looks great. Vinyl siding can be more expensive but is ideal for less maintenance in harsh elements. 

If you already have an image in mind, a custom shed where you can select each material and color is perfect for you to get the storage shed you’re envisioning. 

  1. Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are often key features in outdoor storage sheds. Storing handheld tools vs. a riding lawnmower makes a significant difference and can mean including a single door rather than a well-placed garage entrance. You can also consider different materials like wood and fiberglass doors. 

Similarly, windows can be important or less of a concern, depending on the shed’s purpose. But if you’re going to spend a lot of time in your shed, they’re vital for bringing in natural light. 

Looking for a specific door and window configuration is also a time we’d recommend building a custom shed. You can map out your design with our 3D design tool.

  1. Floors

Flooring is an easily overlooked feature in outdoor storage sheds. In fact, some sheds don’t include a floor at all. At Michigan Dutch Barns, our sheds feature different size options for treated flooring. 

  1. Ventilation

When it comes to maintaining a pleasant environment for you and your equipment, proper ventilation is an important consideration. It ensures you don’t accumulate moisture that can damage your shed or equipment. We suggest looking for features like standard vents, ridge vents, and windows. 

  1. Electricity, Heating, and Lighting  

If you’re planning to have ample light in your outdoor shed, outlets to plug in your tools, and heating for the winter, you’ll need electricity! 

That’s why we offer an electrical package while you’re designing a custom shed. This option works well for uses like guest houses, workshops, and home office sheds. 

  1. Features

Thinking through features like porches, lofts, and shelves is the best part of planning for your outdoor storage shed. Imagine how you want the layout of your space to look and function. Where do you want your workbench and shelves? Would a loft be perfect for extra storage?

As you purchase a shed, consider whether some of these features come with the shed or if you can custom design one to be ready to go when it gets to your house. 

Finding the Outdoor Shed for You

At Michigan Dutch Barns, we understand how important it is for you to consider all of these features and find the right standalone space for your needs. We would love to be your partner in finding your perfect outdoor shed, whether that means customizing a brand-new design or exploring the current stock at our show lots in Lake Odessa, Gun Lake, Ionia, and Grand Ledge.

Get in touch via our email at office@michigandutchbarns.com or our contact form, and let’s get started on a high-quality outdoor storage shed tailored to you and your home.