What kind of foundation should my shed be set on?

Any remotely flat area – grass or gravel. However if you’re seeking max longevity of your unit, we reccomend installing a 4-6″ crushed concrete pad. Give us a call or shoot us an email for approximate pricing.

What foundation should my barn NOT be set on?

Sand, pea-stone, weeds, any landscape rock over 1″ in size, debris.

What is the biggest barn you sell?

We offer up to a 16 x 44 that can be delivered. There are additional permits and escorts needed with barns 14’ or over. 

What are the additional costs if my shed is 14' or over?

A permit costs $100. Escort fees can vary and change at any time so it is best to call our office for specifics.

Does my barn come with warranty papers?

No. However we do stand behind our product and guarantee 100% satisfaction. The materials used to create your shed come with excellent individual manufacturers warranties. This covers any defects in the product itself. We would simply need to contact the vendor/manufacturer on your behalf.

How long will my shed last?

Most of our units (depending on their foundation & upkeep) can last up to 30+ years.

What are the best selling models & sizes?

Our Kingston’s, Berkleys, & Garages are the most popular models and sizes ranging from 10 x 16 to 12 x 24 are the most common.

What makes your barns better than those that I see at the big box stores?

Our barns are fabricated locally with high quality materials and quality craftsmanship. Should a problem ever surface with your barn, we will always be right here and can address the problem promptly. Our competitively priced products feature high quality LP Smart Siding, a bolt-through door hardware system, decreased spaces between stud for increased stability, Plywood sheathing vs OSB (which is commonly found in our competitor’s products) and a new & improved threshold with ramp connection capabilities.

Can I purchase the barn materials and build it myself?

This is not an option we offer at this time.

What is the cost difference between custom designing and purchasing a stock shed?

There is no difference. All of our units start at a “base price” and with a custom design, you get to control how many options you add. The benefit of a stock shed purchase is simply a faster delivery date.

Do you have any used barns or previously owned?

Very rarely. In the event that we do – you will typically be able to locate them on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

May I supply my own paint or vinyl?

We do allow customers to provide us with siding and paint however, we will not offer the same warranties on those products as we are not familiar with their durability. If we order the materials needed from a specific manufacturer exclusively for your barn, there will be an up-charge.

Do you offer a Veterans or Military Discount?

As a sales representative, we can get permission from our supervisor to offer a discount at their discretion. It never hurts to ask.

Do you deliver barns on weekends or in the evenings?

We are only able to deliver barns Monday – Friday. Our last delivery for the day is typically no later than 3pm. 

Is my barn rodent-proof?

No. An entry door with jambs can help prevent rodent infiltration but this is not a guarantee.

Can I change the wall height on my barn?

Unfortunately this is not an option as all of our units are already built at the maximum height allowed for transportation.

What barn style offers the maximum storage capacity?

Our Berkley model allows for the most storage. Because of the 7′ sidewalls and gambrel style roof, lofts for overhead storage are a great compliment to this model.

What size loft should I put in my barn?

We recommend a 4′ deep loft on one or both ends of your unit – running the full width of whatever size shed you choose.

Does MDB level my shed after delivery?

Sheds 200 Sq. Ft. and under we level for free up to 6″ grade. The Stable model is excluded in this offer.

Does Michigan Dutch Barns sell wholesale?

MDB does sell wholesale in a limited number of markets. Contact us via the form below to see if your intended market is available, and how a wholesale partnership with MDB could work for you.